a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
Syn: ↑eubacteria, ↑true bacteria
Hypernyms: ↑bacteria, ↑bacterium, ↑moneran, ↑moneron
bacillus, ↑B, ↑coccus, ↑cocci, ↑coccobacillus, ↑spirillum, ↑spirilla, ↑clostridium, ↑clostridia, ↑botulinus, ↑botulinum, ↑Clostridium botulinum, ↑clostridium perfringens, ↑cyanobacteria, ↑blue-green algae, ↑phototrophic bacteria, ↑phototropic bacteria, ↑pseudomonad, ↑xanthomonad, ↑nitric bacteria, ↑nitrobacteria, ↑nitrosobacteria, ↑nitrous bacteria, ↑thiobacillus, ↑vibrio, ↑vibrion, ↑corynebacterium, ↑listeria, ↑enteric bacteria, ↑enterobacteria, ↑enterics, ↑entric, ↑endospore-forming bacteria, ↑rickettsia, ↑chlamydia, ↑mycoplasma, ↑actinomycete, ↑actinomyces, ↑mycobacteria, ↑mycobacterium, ↑myxobacteria, ↑myxobacterium, ↑myxobacter, ↑gliding bacteria, ↑slime bacteria, ↑lactobacillus, ↑streptococcus, ↑streptococci, ↑strep, ↑spirochete, ↑spirochaete
Member Holonyms: ↑division Eubacteria
Part Meronyms: ↑flagellum

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